CNG Vs Petrol Car: Which Car Is Better To Buy?

CNG vs Petrol Car: Are you planning to buy a new car? Thinking whether to buy petrol variant or CNG variant? But let’s find out which of these two is the best option.

CNG vs Petrol Car:

CNG vs Petrol Car:

Currently there are various types of cars available in the Indian market. Along with petrol and diesel variants, electric card and CNG cars are currently running. Once there were only petrol and diesel cars. Otherwise one of the two would have to be bought. And.. if you want to buy a car now.. which is the best..? Is it better to buy a CNG car? Is it better to buy a petrol car? Many people do not have proper clarity on the matter. They believe the words of someone and then get into trouble. However, let’s try to find out which is the best petrol car or CNG car at present.


CNG stands for Compressed Natural Gas. It contains methane gas. The price of CNG gas is very less than petrol and diesel. It also gives more mileage than petrol and diesel cars. Most CNG vehicles also run on petrol. It is for this reason that many people are interested in buying them. Compared to petrol and diesel cars, they do not cause much harm to the environment. Release less carbon emissions. As a result, the pipes and tubes in the car engine do not deteriorate quickly. While petrol is measured in litres, CNG is measured in kilograms. A kg of CNG costs much less than a liter of petrol. Travel longer distances at lower cost. They give more mileage than petrol cars.

On the other hand. the space is less due to the gas cylinder in the boot space of a CNG car. It should be remembered that the pickup of CNG cars is less as compared to petrol cars. CNG can be filled up to 85 percent in a 12 kg cylinder. The main problem is the absence of CNG fuel filling stations everywhere like petrol stations.

Petrol Cars

Petrol stations are available wherever you go in the country. Petrol car users do not need to look for filling stations like CNG cars. The pickup of these is high. Fuel will not be a problem for those traveling long distances. It is enough to do tack full. Also there is the flexibility to strike again within minutes. However.. Petrol cars give less mileage than CNG cars. They are polluting the environment due to high release of carbon emissions. The share of these is high in the pollution coming out in the country. The price of a liter of petrol is higher than the price of CNG.

Petrol Car vs CNG Car, Which One To Choose? Know Complete Details

With the increasing focus on green fuel solutions, the penetration of electric vehicles is increasing across India. Also, the very high prices of electric vehicles are driving many car buyers towards other options and hence CNG is being discussed. In the last few years, there has been an increase in the demand and sales of cars running on compressed natural gas or CNG across the country.

This high demand and sales of CNG cars is driven by many factors. CNG is much cheaper than petrol or diesel. Also, it gives much better fuel efficiency (mileage). Another interesting thing is that CNG-powered cars usually come with a petrol-CNG combination, allowing the vehicle to run on both petrol and CNG. This means that CNG-fuelled cars are cheaper than electric vehicles when it comes to upfront costs. They also offer very low cost of ownership.

It is a common dilemma for new car buyers whether they should buy a petrol-only engine car or a petrol-CNG car. To help you in taking this decision, here we are telling you about it in detail. 

Petrol-Only Cars vs Petrol-CNG Cars

Petrol generally costs much more than CNG. Because of this, the cost of ownership or running cost of cars that run only on petrol becomes higher. The upfront cost of petrol-only cars is lower than petrol-CNG models. Maintenance costs for petrol-only cars are lower than petrol-CNG models. The availability of a large number of petrol refueling stations is an advantage for cars with petrol engines.

When it comes to petrol-CNG cars, they offer lower running costs than petrol-only models. The reason behind this is that the driver can choose to run the car in CNG mode instead of petrol, which ensures higher mileage. However, the upfront cost of petrol-CNG models is slightly higher than their petrol-only counterparts. When it comes to maintenance, costs are higher for petrol-CNG models. Because these vehicles come with more complex technology by combining both petrol and CNG powertrain systems. Lack of availability of CNG refilling stations is a problem faced by owners of petrol-CNG cars.

Power output is an issue for CNG cars, as power is reduced in CNG mode compared to petrol mode. However, passenger vehicles in India that are equipped with CNG kits are also equipped with petrol powertrains, so this is not a significant point of difference.

Both petrol only and petrol-CNG cars have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should choose your vehicle only after considering both these factors.

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