“Babu bhaiya, it is a matter of chair”, so by sitting on these best office chairs, back and neck pain will disappear immediately.

Best Office Chairs In India Are you setting up a home office? So definitely check the list of top Chairs For Office in India which come at affordable prices. In these you have been given features like adjustable armrest and headrest, strong lumbar support and durable wheelbase, comfortable seat. These highly rated chairs will not let you down.

Best Office Chairs In India

Best Office Chairs In India

The demand for office chairs has increased significantly for comfort and concentration. Anyway, office chair plays a very important role in making work exciting and happy. At the same time, sitting in front of the office desk for a long time causes pain in the back and neck and on top of that, there is a lot of tiredness.

In such a situation, you need a good Ergonomic Chairs which will make your working time comfortable. So what more to think, here we have listed the top 10 office chairs of India, which have been designed according to your comfort. This chair has become an essential part of household items . This work chair comes with special features like adjustable height, lumbar support, high back support, tilt mechanism. Due to their high quality, users have liked them a lot and have given them good ratings.

Best Office Chairs In India: Price, Features and Specifications

In this list of office chairs, you are getting top brands like Wakefit, Green Soul, Savya Home, Amazon Basic, Dr Urban. Due to the high quality, these Office Chairs Online are very durable. Their price is also within the budget. Be it work from home or office, it will become more exciting when you have this chair with you.

1. CELLBELL® Desire Ergonomic Office Chair 

Coming with a rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars, this chair is the best option for comfortable sitting. This red colored Chair For Office comes with a wing back, so that you can rest by leaning your waist back when you get tired while working.

It has a metal base, which is very strong and durable. At the same time, you can adjust the height of the work chair according to your height. The seat gets 2 inches thick foam cushion padding for long lasting comfort. CELLBELL Office Chair Price: Rs 3999.

Reason to buy:

  • mesh mid-back
  • metal base
  • arm-rest
  • Smart Tilt Mechanism

Why not buy?

  • There may be a defect in the wheels.

2. Green Soul Ergonomic Chair for Work from Home 

Coming with multi tilt mechanism, this chair comes with comfortable sitting, on which you can sit and work comfortably for hours. For cleaning, you can wipe this Best Office Chairs In India with a wet cloth.

In this Green Soul Office Chair, you get Ergonomic, Armrest, Adjustable Backrest, Adjustable Height, Seat Lock, Rolling, Rotary, Adjustable Lumbar, Adjustable HeadrestErgonomic, Armrest, Adjustable Backrest, Adjustable Height, Seat Lock, Rolling, Rotary, Adjustable Lumbar, Adjustable Headrest Like special features are available. Green Soul Ergonomic Office Chair Price: Rs 8599.

Reason to buy:

  • multi-function
  • comfortable to sit
  • rolling and swivel
  • high back size

Why not buy?

  • The price is higher.

3. ASTRIDE Ace Mid Back Office Chair for Home 

If you want to buy an office chair in budget, then you can bring it home today itself. This Chair For Office comes with mid back, which will provide good support to your back and there will be no back pain.

Apart from black color, this Ergonomic Chair is available in multiple colors, which will enhance the beauty of your office. Coming with a heavy-duty polypropylene mesh back, this chair is very strong and durable. ASTRIDE Office Chair Price: Rs 3399

Why buy?

  • Heavy Duty Nylon Base
  • revolving chair
  • Bionic Curve Backrest

Why not buy?

  • There is no rest space for a small person to rest their legs.

4. Wakefit Office Work Chair 

You are getting 3 years warranty on this Wakefeet chair. Adjustable armrest is available with PU pad, which will provide comfort to the hands. The mesh fabric of this Wakefit Office Chair allows air circulation and prevents sweat.

This Office Chair Online has high quality and its design is quite ergonomic, sitting on which will give comfort to your waist, neck and hands. Wakefit Office Chair Price: Rs 7312.

Why buy?

  • ergonomic chair
  • 2D Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • single lock

Why not buy?

  • The back support is a bit stiff.

5. Da URBAN® Ergonomic Chair For Office 

This faux leather chair is very stylish in appearance. In this Best Office Chairs you get ergonomic, adjustable height, arm rest, which gives you comfort while sitting.

This Ergonomic Chair comes with padded soft armrests. Apart from this, this chair comes with extra padding on the seat, back and armrest, which will take your comfort to the next level. Da URBAN Leather Office Chair Price: Rs 4999.

Reason to buy:

  • arm rest
  • Extra padding on back and armrest

Reason for not buying:

  • poor quality

6. SAVYA HOME® APEX HIGH Back Office Chair 

Coming in standard size, this office chair takes full care of your comfort. For height, this Chair For Office comes with 5-inch-seat height adjustable and 2-inch-thick padded seat for all day long comfort.

This chair comes with a padded sheet, which is very comfortable when sitting. The sheet of this Office Chair Online is very spacious and strong. SAVYA HOME Office Chair Price: Rs 5349.

Reason to buy:

  • 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects
  • chrome plated metal base
  • strong plastic armrest

Reason for not buying:

  • Plastic quality could be better.

7. amazon basics Cyrus Chair For Office (Black) 

This budget priced office chair is best for daily use. Multi Adjustable Best Office Chairs In India comes with headrest which you can easily adjust as per your comfort.

It has a single lock mechanism at the back, 50 mm caster wheels and a 1-pronged armrest that adjusts and adjusts in height. The length of this work chair is 60.9 cm, width is 50.8 cm, height is 13.2 cm. Amazon Office Chair Price: Rs 4599.

Why not buy?

  • medium back
  • Ergonomic and seat lock
  • claw chrome base

Why not buy?

  • nobody.

8. beAAtho® Ergonomic Desk Office Chair 

Due to its high quality, users have given it a rating of 4.3 stars out of 5. You can adjust its height as per your convenience. This beAAtho Office Chair comes with wheels, so that you can move it easily.

Thanks to the smart multi-tilt lock mechanism and heavy duty metal base, you can bring this Chair For Office at home for a comfortable feel. beAAtho Office Chair Price: Rs 3999.

Reason to buy:

  • ergonomically adjustable
  • Smart tilting mechanism
  • Smooth 360 degree swivel

Reason for not buying:

  • There may be some difficulty in fitting.

9. The Sleep Company High-Back Chair For Office 

Working for hours on this High Back Ergonomic Chair will not cause pain in your back and neck. This chair is the best option for orthopedic support. Its padded sheet is very comfortable while sitting.

This black colored Office Chair is best for online gaming, studying and working. Coming with chrome finished anti-scratch 60 mm nylon wheels for 360-degree rotation, you can easily move this chair anywhere. The Sleep Company Office Chair Price: Rs 12999.

Why buy?

  • orthopedic support
  • adjustable tilt control
  • gas lift

Why not buy?

  • There is no foot rest to give rest to the feet.

10. Rose Designer Ergonomic Chair For Office (Leather , Brown) 

If you like leather chair, then bring it home today. This brown colored chair does not get dirty easily. You get leather arm rest in this high quality Best Office Chairs.

This work chair comes with 5 wheels to move. A person weighing up to 110 kg can sit comfortably on this chair. It comes with a hydraulic lever to adjust the height. Rose Designer Office Chair Price: Rs 74999.

Reason to buy:

  • high leather
  • faux leather
  • seat lock and rolling


  • Build quality is not good.

FAQ: FAQs on Best Office Chairs In India

1. Which type of office chair is best for office work?

Ergonomic office chairs come in all shapes and sizes and vary in price. 
Most Chairs For Office come with ergonomic, adjustable height, arm rest, which gives you sitting comfort.

2. Are mesh office chairs better?

Office chairs made of cloth or leather trap body heat between your body and the chair, keeping you from sweating. Mesh back Office Chairs Online allow better air circulation to your back, helping to keep you cool and comfortable.

3. Which office chair material is best for sitting for long periods of time?

Polyester material is best for office chairs for sitting for long periods of time. This Best Office Chairs is very attractive for people who want great fabric for their office chair. It’s a strong fabric but also flexible so you’ll have a more cushioned comfortable feel when sitting for long periods of time at work.

4. Which chair can you take for health?

Before buying any chair, one should buy Ergonomic Chairs which maintain the body posture. This can prevent a myriad of health problems and sore muscles after a long day at the desk.

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