Even The Most Expensive Watches Pale in Comparison To These Hammer Smartwatches, You Will Get Lots Of Features Like In-built Games, Dial Pad Etc.

In the list of Best Hammer Smartwatch smart watches, you are getting Hammer smart watches with amazing features at affordable prices. These watches are very helpful in tracking health and fitness. The colors of these Mens Smart Watches are very attractive which will help you in getting a dashing and smart look. The most amazing thing is that its features have created a stir all around.

Best Hammer Smartwatch

Best Hammer Smartwatch: Looking for a good smartwatch which gives you next level features. But due to budget, you are thinking whether to buy a watch or not, then you can buy Hammer Smartwatch. Anyway, these days smartwatches are in trend to boost the style sense as well as track various activities and get health related updates.

With their help you can track daily activities. These Smartwatches are coming in very attractive colors, designs and patterns. The demand for these smart watches is increasing with time. In a way, this is your health doctor, who will keep an eye on your health all the time. These Smartwatch With Calling have advanced level features like large display, powerful battery, Bluetooth calling, in built games. Their strap is very skin friendly, which does not cause any allergy on the skin.

Best Hammer Smartwatch: Price, Features and Specifications

To order Hammer Smart Watch, you can take help of the list given here. In these Best Bluetooth Calling Smartwatches, the best smartwatches according to the users have been listed, whose price is very affordable. Due to its features, this watch is ruling the hearts of the users.

1. Hammer Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch 

This watch comes with a 1.85 inch IPS display, which gives you moment-to-moment information about your body. The strap of this Men’s Smart Watch Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch is very skin friendly, so that you can carry the watch the whole day.

You will get a very trendy and stylish look by wearing Smartwatch With Calling with strong metallic body. This watch helps in monitoring heart rate, sleep, oxygen level, stress level. Hammer Smart Watch Price: Rs 1298.

2. HAMMER Cyclone 1.39″ Round Dial Smart Watch 

This smartwatch which comes with a rating of 4.5 stars is very good. In this you get calling function, with the help of which you can make calls without taking out the phone. This Best Hammer Smartwatch which comes with high refresh rate works very smooth.

To track calorie burn better, you can track heart rate 24/7 with the help of this smartwatch. You can control this smartwatch which comes with voice assistance feature only by voice. HAMMER Smart Watch Price: Rs 1698.

3. HAMMER Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch 

This smart watch which comes with metal body is the best option for daily style. You can connect this Men’s Smart Watch to your mobile phone and receive all notifications, calls and messages.

This smartwatch is coming with a 1.95 inch display, whose metallic design will make your look impressive. This Smartwatch With Calling, which comes with fast charging, is very comfortable to wear. HAMMER Smartwatch Price: Rs 2398.

4. Hammer Ace 1.69″ Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch 

This black colored Best Hammer Smartwatch is coming with multiple sports modes, with the help of which you can keep an eye on your sports activities. In this you get a dial pad for call function.

Its powerful battery lasts for a long time on a single charge. This is a very suitable smartwatch to wear for daily use. You get an in-built speaker for calls. Hammer Calling Smart Watch Price: Rs 1098.

5. Hammer Active Bluetooth Calling Smart Watch 

This smartwatch which comes with touch screen is very user friendly. It has an HD round display, which is very stylish. This Men’s Smart Watch comes with a 1.22 inch IP67 rated display.

In this Smartwatch With Calling, you get multiple watches, which you can change according to your mood. You can see notifications from calls, texts, calendar events, apps like Gmail and Facebook right on your wrist. Hammer Bluetooth Calling Smartwatch Price: Rs 2999.

Hammer Cyclone Smartwatch Review: Good option at Rs 999

Hammer Cyclone smartwatch offers good performance in this price range. It has a good design and the display comes with TFT and 600 nits brightness. Know its full performance.

There are many smartwatches available in the market for less than Rs 1,000. Now, it is important to know which option is the best among so many smartwatches. We cannot eliminate your confusion but we can definitely reduce it a little. Some time ago we got Hammer Cyclone smartwatch. We have been using it for a few days and how was our experience with it, let us know.

Design and display of Hammer Cyclone Smartwatch:

The design of Hammer Cyclone Smartwatch is good. Round dial is given. The straps are also quite soft and there is also a crown on the side. There is no problem of any kind when worn on hand. The dial has a polycarbonate body and the straps are made of silicone. Although this watch is quite light, it may not be liked by those people who like metallic design.

Talking about the display, it has a 1.39 inch display which has bezels all around. It has a TFT display and a peak brightness of 600 nits. There is not much problem in viewing its screen in sunlight, but if there is too much sunlight, there may be some problem. Its UI is also quite easy.

Health features of Hammer Cyclone smartwatch:

It has heart rate sensor, SpO2, blood pressure and menstruation tracker. I compared its sensors with more expensive watches. The readings of both were quite similar, up or down by one or two points. Many sports modes have been provided in it which gym goers may like a lot. Whether you exercise at home or go to the gym, this smartwatch will support you in every activity. It supported us well during our testing. It includes more than 55 sports modes.

It also has an instant voice assistant feature which takes commands very well. Also, this watch can be controlled through FitCloudPro app. It has in-app GPS. Through this you can find yourself easily. In our case it was quite accurate. It comes with IP67 rating which protects it from water and dust. In all the days we used it, it did not get damaged due to sweat, water or dust during workout or jogging.

Connectivity And Call Quality:

It has Bluetooth 5.2. It connects easily to the phone. Once connected, there is no need to connect again and again. The calling experience in this was quite good. If we talk in a quiet place then the sound will still be heard but in a noisy place the sound will not be heard. Calls can be easily muted through this watch.


If it is used normally then its battery can easily last for three days. But if its features are being used continuously then it will have to be put on charging once in two days. However, this is not a bad time either. Charging once in two days is not a big deal. It is quite good considering the range in which it has been launched.

Our Verdict:

Its current price is Rs 999. It has been made available in Ash Grey, Coral Peach, Midnight Black and Navy Blue colors. The performance of the watch is good according to the range in which it comes. You can gift it to anyone. However, the one drawback I found is that it comes with a 6 month warranty. It would have been better if it was 1 year old.

FAQ: FAQs on Best Hammer Smartwatch

1. Is Hammer Smartwatch a good brand?

Overall Hammer Smartwatch is a good Smartwatch With Calling. Its features are very user friendly.

2. Can a smartwatch make calls without a phone?

Smartwatches usually have touchscreens and record heart rate and other vital signs. The Standalone Smart Watch With Call Function has a built-in cellular connectivity, which allows making calls or sending messages without being connected to a smartphone.

3. Which country made Hammer smart watch?

Hammer, India’s first Smartwatch athleisure tech brand offers high-quality TWS audio gadgets and fitness bands.

4. Which app is used for Hammer smart watch?

The Hammer smart watch syncs data via Bluetooth connection and Da Fit App.

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