Turn On The Fan Remotely Without Getting Up From The Bed, Know The Price And Features Of The Best 3 Remote Fans

The way we control TV and AC with remote. Similarly, now it is easy to turn on and off the best 3 remote control ceiling fans while sitting on the bed. It can also be controlled from smartphone. For this it is necessary to have IR blaster feature. Know here the price and features of the best 3 remote fans.

Best 3 Remote Control Ceiling Fan

Best 3 Remote Control Ceiling Fan:

Usually people turn the ceiling fan on and off with a switch button. There are 3 best remote controlled ceiling fans available in the market now. It can be switched on and off very easily through remote control while sitting on the bed. The cost of a remote fan is slightly higher than a normal ceiling fan. You can also buy ceiling fans with remote control for less than Rs 3000. Apart from controlling it from smartphone, it also has the facility of LED light. Know here the price and features of the best 3 remote fans.

1. ZENTAX BLDC Sonet 24 Remote Control Ceiling Fan

Gentax Technology Company is selling fans with remote control available in the market for less than Rs 3000 thousand. ZENTAX BLDC Sonet 24 is priced at Rs 2,890 online on Flipkart. This remote controlled smart ceiling fan has 7 speed modes. It has 1200mm aerodynamically blade web and the top speed of the motor is 365 RPM. On purchasing this five star rated ceiling fan, you get a warranty of 5 years. 

2. CROMPTON Energion Esave 34 Remote Control Ceiling Fan

Many smart electronic gadgets of Crompton company are available in the market. CROMPTON Energion Esave 34 Remote Control Ceiling Fan has 3 Energion Esave blades with sweep site 1200mm. The top speed of BLDC motor is 350 rpm. It has a total of 5 speed modes and air delivery rate of around 7420 cfm. It consumes 34W of electricity to run it. The price of Crompton Energion Esave 34 Remote Control Ceiling Fan is Rs 2,899 and on purchasing it, you get 5 years warranty. 

3. Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm Remote Control Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm Remote Control Ceiling Fan is priced at Rs 2,942. Its biggest feature is inverter stabilization technology. That is, there is no possibility of it getting damaged if the voltage is more or less when electricity comes. Can take a breeze even in low voltage with a power consumption of 28 watts. If we talk about features, it has sleep, speed control, control boost and timer modes. The sweep size of the blades is 1200mm and it comes with a warranty of 2 years on purchase. This warranty can be extended for one year.

Remote Fans: Beautifully Designed Remote Control Ceiling Fan, No Need To Get Up From Bed To Switch It On And Off:

If you are preparing to buy a high-tech ceiling fan to enhance the beauty of your home, then remote control fans can be a good option for you. The best thing about a remote fan is that you do not have to reach for the switch again and again to turn it on or off. Rather you can control it with the help of remote. Remote Control Using the buttons on the ceiling fan’s remote control or the mobile application, you can change the fan speed, turn the fan on and off. That means the fan can be switched on and off without getting up from the bed. Let us know about the low cost remote fans.

Crompton Energion Cromair

Crompton Energion Cromair is a 3 blade ceiling fan of 120 mm size. Along with this, remote support has also been provided. The fan gets 5 star rating. It comes with high speed motor and it is also energy efficient with 28W power. The fan comes with 5 years warranty and 5 speed controls. Along with this, timer is also supported. That means if you want to switch it off after four hours, you can set a timer to switch it off automatically.

Atomberg Renaissance

This fan has the support of 5 star 1200 mm BLDC Motor 3 blades. A remote is available in the ceiling fan and it is of 28 watts. The company gives a three-year warranty with the fan and the company claims that the fan saves up to 65 percent electricity.

Orient Electric I Tome

Orient Electric I Tome comes with 1200mm blade. It has remote support with 5 star rating. This intelligent BLDC energy saving consumes 26W power. The company is giving 3 years warranty with it. The Orient Electric I tome runs at a high speed of 370 rpm with an air delivery of 220 cmm. 

Havells Glaze Decorative

Havells Glaze Decorative BLDC 1200mm comes with energy saving, remote control and 5 star setting. This ceiling fan has in-built voltage stabilization to control low voltage. It also has a timer setting for 1 to 4 hours.

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